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  1. Taking Care of Wintertime Feet

    Taking Care of Wintertime Feet

    Wintertime can really take a big toll on your skin. From the dry air, the hot showers, and nipping wind, your skin tends to become dry. Our feet seem to be especially affected. It seems that you go to bed in the fall, and wake up two weeks later with ankles that are rough, cracked, and sometimes bleeding.

    So just how can you provide your feet with the best wintertime care? What can you do to take care of that difficult area of skin?

    Do You Have to Take Care of Your Feet?

    While we often take very good care of the skin on our face and neck, and most people do a decent job of caring for the skin on their arms and legs, many people tend to overlook that which they can't see: their feet, especially the bottoms.

    It seems the season of boots, especially, tends to give people the idea that their

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  2. The 5 Worst Habits That Make Your Skin Crawl

    The 5 Worst Habits That Make Your Skin Crawl

    Knowing you have to take good care of our skin, trying to follow through, and actually accomplishing that are often three separate things. You usually make an effort to choose your skincare products wisely. You religiously remember to wash the makeup off of your face before you go to bed. Um, most of the time, anyway. You even apply sunscreen when you're at the beach.

    But what if we told you there were things you do on a regular basis that have a negative impact on your skin? Things you probably don't even give a second thought?

    Your bad habits could be ruining your skin. That beautiful complexion you want is still going to be impossible if you're doing these five worst habits that could make your skin crawl.

    1. Not Getting Enough Sleep - Your wild nights out with the gang may be what
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  3. Smart Skin Loves Smart Peptides

    Smart Skin Loves Smart Peptides

    Utilizing peptides in skin care is a relatively new endeavor, but the effective little amino acid chains are really proving their worth. At the cutting edge of skincare, not only does Glowbiotics utilize the power of peptides in their revolutionary products, they've taken it a step further with Smart Peptides.

    Just what can smart peptides do for your skin?

    First Things First

    Before we can get into the awesomeness of smart peptides, you first need to have an understanding of what regular peptides do and how they help your skin. That requires a little bit of an anatomy and physiology lesson, but we promise we won't be as boring as your freshman A&P professor.

    What Are Peptides?

    What Are Peptides?

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  4. Beneficial "Bugs" In Your Skincare?!


    We all have different reasons for seeking out certain skin care products. Perhaps you learned there were harmful ingredients in the cleanser you've been using since college. Maybe you no longer need your high school acne regimen. Could be your skin has ousted with a new, annoying malady and you're looking for the one product that can really make a difference and save the day (aka next week's date night).

    Whatever your reasons, you're researching how best to treat your skin with its unique concerns and you've heard about using topical probiotics in your skin care, but you're just not sure the idea is truly viable, or just creepy snake oil.

    We're here to tell you that the "beauty bug" really is a thing of beauty!

    What Are Probiotics?

    You've probably heard of probiotics, and that

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  5. How Do Facial Serums Work?

    How Do Facial Serums Work?

    There are so many facial care products available to us. So many steps to beautify and stay beautiful. You cleanse. You tone. You moisturize. You masque. You repeat. Maybe there's even a facial oil you use, or scrub, or peel, or . . . or . . . or . . .

    Yeah. You get the picture!

    It's mystifying sometimes, trying to decipher dermatologist and cosmetologist recommendations, all while you're standing in the middle of store aisle shelves full of so many choices you don't know what to do with yourself.

    The idea of a serum may sound a bit exotic, or strange, but a facial serum can be one of the most powerful, beneficial tools you can use. Serums are some of the most effective skin care products on the market.

    We'll demystify for you!

    What Is a Facial Serum?

    Or, maybe, what is it

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  6. Women and Mental Illness: Creating a Future That Is Bright

    Women and Mental Illness: Creating a Future That Is Bright

    A great deal of Americas, many of them women, live with mental illness like depression or bipolar disorder. That's a heavy burden to carry.

    Glowbiotics is committed to creating a future that is bright and happy. We believe that begins with our own body, family and community. We weren't just founded as a skin movement, but a global movement that advances and advocates for women's health.

    Why Focus on Women?

    Why Focus on Women?

    So many factors like genetics and environment come into play when it comes to mental health, and there are several challenges that affect both women and men, but women seem to be disproportionately affected.

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  7. Freckles: Cute or Foreshadowing?

    Freckles: Cute or Foreshadowing?

    Freckles can definitely be cute. Imagine that cute little red-headed girl with the smattering of freckles dotting her facial features.

    As more and more women are putting their makeup down and hiding their concealer and foundation, they're being celebrated for their own natural uniqueness. Women are proud of their complexions and the differences they can showcase.

    Freckle-faced people are now being celebrated. But there can be a problem with that.

    Freckles can foreshadow things to come. They can be a warning sign that you've spent too much unprotected time in the sun and you should be watchful of changes to your skin and be prepared for early signs of aging to appear. Your fair, freckled skin means you're probably more at risk for skin

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  8. The Best Sources of Skin Friendly Antioxidants

    The Best Sources of Skin Friendly Antioxidants

    How many times have you heard:

    "Antioxidants are good for you."
    "Eat your fruits and veggies because you need antioxidants."
    "Look for skin care products rich in antioxidants."

    So, you probably get it: antioxidants are pretty fantastic. But when it comes to your skin, you may not have given much thought to where those antioxidants are coming from. Good skincare isn't just about utilizing quality topical products, but taking care of your skin from the inside, out, as well.

    The Enemy: Free Radicals

    The Enemy: Free Radicals

    Free radicals are the unstable byproducts of oxidation, the metabolic process of oxygen

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  9. After-Exercise Skincare

    After-Exercise Skincare

    We've all done it: finished our workout with no time left to shower before having to run to work. We just freshen up our makeup and splash on some perfume to mask the tell-tale stench of sweat.

    But this isn't the time to scrimp on skincare. This is a time when your skin will be screaming for a little TLC.

    You exercise to feel better. You exercise to look better. But to both look and feel your best, you need to also properly care for your skin to enhance the benefits of exercise - rather than work against them.

    We reveal the best post-workout beauty tips to keep your glow gorgeous. All it takes is a few extra minutes.

    Exercise Benefits Your Skin

    Exercise Benefits Your Skin

    "Inflammation is one of the fundamental underlying causes

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  10. Post Baby Hormones and Your Skin

    Post Baby Hormones and Your Skin

    You're just coming off of nine months worth of changes. You've been through aches, pains, discomfort, and unbalanced hormones. Your body did things you never thought were humanly possible - all in the name of love.

    You may have thought that the freak show, as it were, was over, but what you weren't prepared for was for your body to continue doing odd things and acting in weird ways, even weeks after your little bundle was delivered. You can definitely blame hormones for this. Thanks to those helpful chemicals, your body goes through a rollercoaster of changes throughout the entire process, from conception to years after the arrival of your new little one.

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