1. Competition lifestyle - how it changes your skin and what it does to your body

    Competition lifestyle - how it changes your skin and what it does to your body

    Having a hobby is good for the soul. Bonus points if your hobby is one that is healthy for your body, too. Competitive athletes, and bodybuilders in particular, put a great deal of stress on themselves to be the leanest, most muscular, strongest, fastest, most cut . . . . it goes on and on. Maintaining that physique is difficult enough through the season, but with the pressure of keeping within your weight range, diet and exercise become a tightrope balancing act.

    So what does all that do to your body, and your skin especially? Competitive bodybuilding tends to be great for your body, but not so much for your skin. The lifestyle can be difficult for the largest organ of your body and skincare for athletes sometimes requires special considerations.

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  2. After-Exercise Skincare

    After-Exercise Skincare

    We've all done it: finished our workout with no time left to shower before having to run to work. We just freshen up our makeup and splash on some perfume to mask the tell-tale stench of sweat.

    But this isn't the time to scrimp on skincare. This is a time when your skin will be screaming for a little TLC.

    You exercise to feel better. You exercise to look better. But to both look and feel your best, you need to also properly care for your skin to enhance the benefits of exercise - rather than work against them.

    We reveal the best post-workout beauty tips to keep your glow gorgeous. All it takes is a few extra minutes.

    Exercise Benefits Your Skin

    Exercise Benefits Your Skin

    "Inflammation is one of the fundamental underlying causes

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