1. Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin Health

    Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin Health

    Aloe vera is one of the most well known, widely used, natural skincare ingredients. Most of us associate aloe vera with cooling formulas used to ease discomfort for simple skin conditions like sunburns.

    Yet aloe vera is much more than that. This miracle compound can be used for a litany of skin and overall health reasons. While most are familiar with aloe, few of us truly understand the power behind this incredible plant!

    Today, we will be defining aloe vera, the ways in which aloe vera can effectively soothe burns, and some of the other healing properties of aloe vera gel.

    What is Aloe Vera?

    What is Aloe Vera?

    Aloe is a genus of succulents with over 500 unique species. Aloe vera is the most well known species within the aloe genus. Also sometimes known as the

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  2. What are Prebiotics and Probiotics?

    What are Prebiotics and Probiotics?

    Prebiotics and probiotics have been health buzzwords for years now. However, many people still don't truly understand exactly what these words mean and how they may impact your health. To further confuse matters, pre and pro as prefixes have extremely similar but slightly different meanings. Consider that precede means to come before something, whereas proceed refers to an action continuing forward. Is your head spinning yet? Don't worry, we will get to the good stuff!

    Prebiotics and probiotics work in tandem in healthy bodies. Today, we will be defining these two terms, discussing their role in digestion, how prebiotics and probiotics can be used for skin health, and some examples of skincare products which harness their natural potency.

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  3. What are the Benefits of Beta-Glucan for Your Skin?

    What are the Benefits of Beta-Glucan for Your Skin?

    Beta-glucan is a family of glucans (in this case, complex carbohydrates) that occur naturally in bacteria, fungus, yeast, seaweed, and some cereals. Wait, what? Believe us, we know how strange that sounds. The fact is that beta-glucans are commonly found in both foods and skincare products. They have a number of beneficial effects on skin, ranging from improved skin hydration to managing skin redness.

    Without getting too heavy into the science, we will be reviewing what beta-glucans are, how they can work together with probiotics, the effectiveness of beta-glucans as a topical, and how they can be incorporated into your diet and your skincare routine for overall health.

    What is Beta-Glucan?

    What is Beta-Glucan?

    Beta-glucans are essentially sugars. They

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  4. Acne and Salicylic Acid

    Acne and Salicylic Acid

    When we hear the name salicylic acid, we aren't exactly jumping out of our chairs to start putting it on our skin. Scary sounding name aside, salicylic acid is one of the most common and effective acne-fighting ingredients out there. It is also important to understand that there is a wide variety of products on the market which use salicylic acid as an active ingredient. Some salicylic acid products require a prescription while others are over-the-counter.

    To make sense of all of this, we will be exploring exactly what is in salicylic acid, how it fights against acne, and how to use these products effectively for healthy, glowing skin!

    What is Salicylic Acid?

    What is Salicylic Acid?


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  5. Probiotic Derived Bioactives (PDB's)

    Probiotic Derived Bioactives (PDBs)

    There is a very deep connection between you, your skin, and your overall health. While your body is made up of multiple organs and organ systems, they work together as a beautiful whole.

    Glowbiotics, a pioneer of probiotic skincare, is dedicated to taking care of your largest organ- your skin- through the innovative use of topical probiotics, or more specifically, probiotic derived bioactives.

    What Can Topical Probiotics Do For Your Skin?

    What Can Topical Probiotics Do For Your Skin?

    There are trillions of microorganisms that exist on your skin in a world called the microbiome. They're supposed to exist here. You actually want them here. Most of them are bacteria, and they play a huge beneficial role

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  6. What Ingredients Should I Avoid and Why?

    What Ingredients Should I Avoid and Why?

    (Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Artificial dyes and any known cancer-causing ingredient.)

    You're trying to do the best you can for your skin. You *try* to eat a diet to support your skin's health. You spend hours pouring over articles and information about the latest and best ingredients to tend to your particular skincare needs. You handpick your skincare regimen to provide your skin with exactly what it needs, regardless of the circumstances.

    But are you digging even deeper? While you're paying attention to ingredients you want to look for, are you also putting just as much time into understanding exactly which ingredients you should avoid in your skincare?

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  7. Retinoids Are Getting Smarter

    Retinoids Are Getting Smarter

    It's not enough to include a compliment of ultra-effective ingredients together in one formula. Now, these ingredients are becoming smart. And smarter. But what does that mean for your skin?

    What Is a Retinoid?

    What Is a Retinoid?

    According to Wikipedia, retinoids are a class of chemical compounds that are vitamers of vitamin A or are chemically related to it. There are multiple different ones, though most people are familiar with the likes of retinol, tretinoin, and isotretinoin. They regulate epithelial growth, so they play an important part of things like vision, regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation, bone growth, immune function, and the activation of tumor suppressor genes.

    Retinoids enhance

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  8. Physical vs Chemical Sunscreen

    Physical vs Chemical Sunscreen

    You've heard it over and over again: Sunscreen protection is a must! The amount of damage that the sun's UV rays can do to your skin is absolutely dizzying! So very many of your common complexion qualms can oftentimes be traced back to your time spent outside in the sun.

    Hopefully, we've finally got you on board with doing what you can to protect your skin. But you're still full of questions! What type of sunscreen is right for you? How do you know you're not causing more harm than good?

    Types of Sunscreens

    Sunscreens can come in a variety of different formulations. Depending on what your tactile senses desire and your activity levels deem, you can choose from sprays, lotions, gels, or waxes. There's literally a sunscreen for every pocket, beach bag, purse, and backpack out there.

    There are two main types of ingredients that make up

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  9. Why You Should Be Worried About Transepidermal Water Loss

    Why You Should Be Worried About Transepidermal Water Loss

    Our skin has amazing capacities and performs some very interesting functions. It forms a protective layer for the rest of the body, shielding it from pollutants and radiation. It regulates body temperature, carries sensations to the brain, rids the body of toxins through sweating, and allows us to move freely and comfortably.

    Transepidermal water loss, or TEWL, occurs when water passes through the skin's layers into the air, where it evaporates. Although this is a natural and inevitable process, sometimes it can have negative effects on the skin. As you might imagine, it can cause dehydration and speed up the skin's aging process. There are things you can do to limit the negative effects of TEWL, but a basic understanding of the skin and its functions will help you understand how it can be treated.

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  10. Green Tea For Your Skin, All Around

    Green Tea For Your Skin, All Around

    Cheerio! Bottoms up! It's tea time for your skin!


    Green tea is touted for its many positive health benefits when taken both internally and when used topically. Just what is it about this leaf that makes it so special?

    The Power of Green Tea

    The Power of Green Tea

    Green tea is one of the hottest trends in the skin care world, and for good reason! This ancient Asian brew boasts a myriad of health benefits and has been used for centuries. Touted as the healthiest tea out there, it can increase your memory and concentration, boost energy levels, improve immunity, and much more.

    Japanese monks discovered green tea while visiting China centuries ago. They've used the tea as a daily staple ever since, claiming it gave

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