Difference Between AM and PM Skincare Routines

Difference Between AM and PM Skincare Routines

Before learning about different face products to use based on the time of day, you’ll need to determine your skin type. By matching your morning and evening routine to your skincare needs, you’ll then be able to achieve optimal results within a matter of weeks or months.

Skincare Products to use in the Morning


When you wake up in the morning, start your day with an oil or water-based cleanser that’ll remove makeup and dirt. If you find cleanser too abrasive for your skin, opt for a gentler facial product. Based on your skin type, you can also keep it simple and start your day by splashing water on your face.


Exfoliants prevent your skin cells from clustering. They also work to remove dead layers of skin so that it can be replenished with a fresh layer.

When the weather changes, your exfoliate needs might change too. If that’s the case, select a product that’s less harsh such as one with lactobionic acid.


Combined with SPF, serum works to protect your skin from environmental stressors. Serums are geared towards specific needs such as anti-aging. For overall maintenance, serums with vitamin-C are also a good choice.


Thick moisturizers with ceramide are ideal if your skin is dry while thinner moisturizers that are non-comedogenic are better for oily skin.


SPF is critical for protecting your skin from harmful UVA rays. For maximum effectiveness, apply a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30+ and has broad-spectrum coverage.

Nighttime Skincare Routine Set on Counter

Skincare Products to use in the Evening


Your skin type will determine if you need to use a different cleanser in the evening from what you use in the morning. Regardless, it’s crucial to remove all the makeup and grime from the day with an effective cleanser. A clean canvas will also help your evening skincare products get the most benefits.

Serums with Active Ingredients

Along with using a serum in the morning, you can opt to use one with active ingredients that’ll support your night routine skincare goals too.

Serums with the antioxidant resveratrol are ideal for an evening routine because they work to heal sun damage. It also supports fibroblasts to produce more collagen while you sleep.


Along with using moisturizers in the morning, it’s beneficial to apply in the evening too. To achieve the best results, start with the thinnest moisturizer and work your way to those with the thickest consistency. This process allows the products to penetrate and hydrate your skin.

After you’ve completed your moisturizing routine, apply a facial oil that works well with your skin type. This will seal everything in and ensure your products are functioning to their fullest potential.


If a main goal of your skincare routine is to fight the aging process, include retinol in your evening regime. As a synthetic form of vitamin A, retinol works to regenerate skin cells at a faster pace. Therefore, retinol is ideal for decreasing fine lines and reducing wrinkles.

Retinol users might experience purging - a period of adjusting that may result in pimples and blemishes. To help prevent this, apply retinol on clear skin that’s dry before you start your daily moisturizer routine.

Glowbiotics Skincare Products

By following a specific morning and evening skincare routine, you’ll achieve ultimate results that’ll leave your face healthy and radiant.

To get started, shop the Glowbiotics collection today for the products that’ll get you optimal results. Along with achieving your skincare goals, you’ll benefit from products that are never tested on animals and free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

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