My Story

Being a two-time cancer survivor changed my thinking about everything I was doing to my body. - Christine Watson Bacteria working for you, not against you.

Christine Watson

Being diagnosed with my first round of breast cancer at the age of 31, with no family history and only a 5% chance of survival brought my life to a crashing halt. When I found out the news, I decided at that moment that I was going to be part of the 5% that would survive. I thought to myself, someone makes up that percentage so it’s going to be me. I was determined. I suddenly became very aware of what I was doing to my body and I looked at what I was eating, drinking, the amount of exercise I was doing, the amount of sleep I was getting, plus what I was using on my skin.

At the time of my diagnosis, I was the beauty buyer for Harrods in London. As I began to research skincare brands and their ingredients, I realized very few were suited for my needs. Either they were all natural and did very little or they were highly corrective and effective but contained potentially harmful preservatives, xenoestrogens, parabens, sulfates, dyes and other harmful ingredients.

“There was just not much available for women like me that wanted products that worked but were also good for me too.”

Fortunately, since that time science has come a long way. With my husband’s background in both medical and retail skincare and our scientist knowledge on cutting edge ingredients, we developed GLOWBIOTICS. A product line rich in skin healthy probiotics, both results driven and without ingredients that are harmful to the body. I hope you fall in love with GLOWBIOTICS as much as I have because at GLOWBIOTICS we use bacteria to work for you and not against you.

If you feel good on the inside you will look good on the outside. Everything shows on t he skin, (stress, happiness, pain). Take care of yourself both inside and out. Christine Watson - Founder