Acne Prone

All acne skin conditions need support, balance and healing - not aggression - to fully restore clarity and vitality. Our line-up of acne prone skincare products use topical probiotics, mild exfoliants, anti-inflammatory technology, oil regulators, and fatty acids to help treat acne prone skin. Learn More

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Multiple factors can contribute to breakouts and acne-prone skin. Hormones, poor diet, and stress can all contribute to inflammation which is the cornerstone of acne. Acne then develops when there is a buildup of bacteria, overproduction of oil (sebum) and an irregular shedding of skin cells.

Treating acne requires attention not only to areas of the breakout, but to the health of the skin, overall. GLOWBIOTICS topical probiotics for acne can soothe inflamed, acneic skin, help prevent new blemishes, and clarify congested skin pores through the use of powerful ingredients aimed at reducing inflammation, treating the problem at the source, and rebalancing your skin’s microbiome. The right combination of ingredients can alleviate excess oil without over-drying. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, smart peptides, and innovative technology, each of our products are sulfate and paraben-free. They are also free of any known phthalates, synthetic dyes, or mineral oil.

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