Sensitive Skin

soothe irritation, redness and compromised skin

Care for your sensitive skin with a little extra TLC.

Sensitive skin needs a skin care routine designed to calm the inflammation and ease the itch. Customize your sensitive skin care routine with our exclusive lineup as you cleanse, treat, balance, moisturize, and protect your delicate skin.

The right combination of ingredients is important when it comes to caring for sensitive skin. We bring the best active ingredients together to support the delicate skin barrier function, rebalance the skin’s surface, soothe irritation, and heal sensitive skin, no matter the cause. Smart peptides, powerful antioxidants, and probiotics combine with innovative technology.

Those with sensitive skin need to steer clear of harmful ingredients that could cause irritation. All GLOWBIOTICS preparations are formulated free of parabens and sulfates, with no artificial dyes or known cancer-causing agents.

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