Shaving Issues

GLOWBIOTICS Probiotic Skin Care Solutions for Razor Burn & Shaving Bumps

Shaving can often lead to annoying and often painful in-grown hairs, razors bump, razor burn as well as redness and other irritations. GLOWBIOTICS sets itself apart with incredible men’s shaving solutions that can both soothe the inflamed skin, minimize and even prevent the ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Men’s skin can also be prone to excessive oils and unwanted bacteria. GLOWBIOTICS provides balance to the skin by inundating the skin with topical probiotics, gentle exfoliants that don’t over stimulate the skin, calming actives to reduce the visible redness associate with razor bumps and acne, and oil absorbing qualities to clarify the skin. Many men experience razor burn in addition to accidental nicks and cuts making the skin inflamed and vulnerable after shaving. Calming topical probiotics actives are a hallmark of GLOWBIOTICS. Topical probiotics when used on the skin are a powerful calming aftershave, leaving the skin refreshed without the usual burning and stinging.

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