The Science Behind Healthy, Glowing Skin

“Topical probiotics are one of the most cutting edge concepts in skincare today”
– Dr. Erin Gilbert


GLOWBIOTICS probiotic skincare utilizes unique probiotic technology to help reverse aging, reduce inflammation and restore skin health from the inside out, to bridge a deeper connection between you, your skin and your health. Literally speaking, the term probiotics is derived from the Greek word pro, meaning "for" and biotic, meaning "life". Topical probiotics work from the inside out to strengthen the skin's ability to repair itself and to help defend it against a multitude of factors that can age the skin prematurely. When used topically, these body friendly bacteria can actually infuse life, health and vitality back into the skin.

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Topical Probiotics
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Yes, similar to the way ingestible probiotics (think yogurt, kombucha and supplements) can help benefit your health internally, studies show that infusing dull, aging and compromised skin with topical probiotics can actually help rebalance and strengthen the skin while re-awakening youthful processes within that naturally slow down as we age. As the pioneer of medical grade probiotic skin care, GLOWBIOTICS has created an entire retail range of probiotic formulas and complexes that can be integrated into any skincare routine and are proven to quickly restore balance, youth and radiance. We also utilize prebiotics to partner with our probiotic technology, making our formulas the most potent topical probiotic skin care solutions on the market today. GLOWBIOTICS products are also infused with unique blends of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that are carried into the skin with proprietary delivery systems that help rebuild, revive and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.