This sounds like some really complex science experiment, but the truth is that DNA microarray assay testing is being used for a variety of applications, including top rated skin care!

GLOWBIOTICS is one of the first medical skincare companies to pioneer the use of DNA microarray assay technology to determine the validity and effectiveness of their products, before being brought to you!

DNA Microarray Assay Testing: What You Should Know

What Is DNA Microarray Assay Testing Used For?

DNA microarray assay testing is being used across the medical field and throughout the cosmetics industry. It enables gene expression analysis in human tissues. How is that important? Well, we know that a mutation - or alteration - in a particular gene's Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) may contribute to a certain disease. The DNA microarray is a tool that can be used to determine whether the DNA from a particular individual contains a mutation in genes. Mutations are changes in genes, often responsible for diseases and cancers.

Now they're being used as clinical diagnostic tests for some diseases. They can also be used to determine which drugs might be best prescribed for an individual.

DNA Microarray Assay Testing: What You Should Know

DNA Microarray Assay Testing For Skincare?

Yes, it's possible! Conscientious skincare companies like GLOWBIOTICS are always on the lookout for ways to elevate their products' benefits above and beyond. Today, GLOWBIOTICS is one of the first medical skincare companies to pioneer the use of DNA microarray assay technology, taking clinical validation to the next level. They have the ability to utilize this advanced technology to see which genetic markers are turned on or off, in relation to specific ingredients.

They use cultured human skin tissue grown in 3D suspension to mimic the human complete skin model. An ingredient in question or a whole, complete formulation is applied to the tissue for a certain amount of time. The RNA is extracted from the tissue and placed on the microarray panel for inspection.

DNA Microarray Assay Testing: What You Should Know

How Does A DNA Microarray Assay Test Work?

The test consists of a "chip," a small glass plate encased in plastic. There are companies that manufacturer their microarrays using methods that are similar to those used to make computer microchips. What you see on the surface, are thousands of short, synthetic, single-stranded DNA sequenced, adding up to the whole of the normal gene in question. They also include variants (mutations) of that gene that have been found in the human population. Think of this panel as a measuring device, but instead of inches and feet, you're looking at genetic markers and variations.

Your DNA contains all the genetic information your body needs to develop, grow, and function. Genes are segments that carry all of the DNA. Messenger Ribonucleic acid (mRNA) is an intermediary molecule that carries the genetic information from the nucleus (the brain of your cell) to the cytoplasm (the soup in the rest of your cell) where it can dictate how the cell will behave. By viewing and assessing the various mRNAs, we can indirectly determine what is going on with the DNA. That makes it one heck of a powerful tool, providing valuable information on disease subcategories, prognosis, and treatment outcome. The microarray can reveal differences in genetic makeup (your genes, not what you put on your face) and regulatory mechanisms.

That's science at its finest! Trust skin care that cares to look at cause and effect and results through careful, proven methods. No nonsense, you can always trust GLOWBIOTICS to give your skin the probiotic skincare it needs, without the added harmful sulfates and parabens.