Many people suffer with dry or dehydrated skin and don’t even notice. If you find yourself with tight, red, or irritated skin, you may have dry or dehydrated skin. In short, the signs of dry skin typically includes fewer oil-producing glands on the face and body while the signs of dehydrated skin are typically a lack of water, not oil.  This means, you can a have an oily complexion but still have dehydrated skin.

Dryness refers to a skin type, and dehydration refers to a skin condition. Dry skin lacks oil because it produces less sebum(oil) than normal skin, and the lack of sebum means the skin is without the lipids it needs to retain moisture and to build a strong barrier to protect against external aggressors. 

Signs of Dehydrated Skin

  • darker under-eye circles, or tired eye appearance
  • itchiness
  • skin dullness
  • more sensitive fine lines and wrinkles

Dehydrated skin does not have enough water. Dehydration is caused by many external factors, but the most common are weather, environment, diet, and caffeine consumption, all of which can result in diminished water content within the skin.

For dehydrated skin, oral hydration is a must because it adds water to the complexion from the inside. You can also incorporate water-rich foods into your diet, such as watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, and celery. Ingredients to look for in your skincare, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Aloe, Lactic and Citric Acids.

Signs of Dry Skin

  • scaly appearance
  • white flakes
  • redness or irritation
  • increased incidence of psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis

Dry skin is a skin type, like oily or combination skin, where the complexion lacks oils, or lipids, so it takes on a more flaky, dry appearance.

With dry skin, keep on moisturizing. This process helps dry skin better retain water and maintain a proper level of hydration. The key to addressing dry skin is finding products that help you lock in moisture, especially overnight. Try using a humidifier, especially during winter months.  Look for ingredients such as Ceramides, Shea Butter, natural and plant oils.


While some causes of dry and dehydrated skin are unavoidable, others can be influenced by your environment and lifestyle. Dehydrated skin may even cause dry skin as water depletion can also affect skin’s oil levels. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Aging
  • Extreme Cold & Heat
  • Conditioning & Indoor Heating
  • Low Moisture Levels in the Air
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Smoking & Environmental Pollutants
  • UV Exposure


Try the “pinch test”.

  • Pinch a small amount of skin on your cheek, abdomen, chest, or the back of your hand and hold for a few seconds.
  • If your skin snaps back, you are likely not dehydrated.
  • If it takes a few moments to bounce back, you are likely dehydrated.


It is vital that you take care of your skin when it needs help. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, take a look at the product lists below! At Glowbiotics, we care about your skin. All of our products are gentle yet effective.


  • Probiotic Nourishing Gel to Oil Cleanser
    • Rich in Probiotics, Prebiotics, Vitamin C, Abyssinian Seed Oil and Tamanu Oil, this luxurious cleanser helps to clean away makeup, and daily accumulation of eco-factors.
  • Advanced Anti-Aging Replenishing Oil
    • Superfood Botanical Oil Complex is comprised of an active combination of antioxidant fortified, plant and natural oils that support the lipid barrier as well as help with repair of damaged skin.
  • Probiotic Moisture Rich Replenishing Cream
    • Probiotics and Prebiotics in combination with natural plant oils, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, provide a rich, luxurious moisturizing cream that supports collagen, elastin and skin moisturization.


  • Probiotic Revitalizing Cleanser
    • Rich in Probiotics, Prebiotics, Lauric Acid, Aloe Vera and Lime Juice, this universal cleanser is perfect for dehydration. It balances the skin and nourishes. 
  • Calming Restorative Treatment
    • Our exclusive Probiotic complex, Smart Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid help to restore balance to the skin while locking water into the complexion. Calming ingredients help to soothe, calm and reduce irritation.
  • Probiotic Firming + Replenishing Lotion
    • Probiotics, Prebiotics, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Vitamin E help to hydrate without felling heavy and weighing skin down. This lightweight lotion addresses signs of aging and balances skin. 
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