Fall Skincare Trends

Fall Skincare Trends

Fall is here and that means cozy sweaters, the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves on the ground, pumpkin spice flavored everything, and a new assortment of skincare trends to try! Not only that, but Fall is the perfect time to start undoing some of the damage your skin may have suffered while you were having fun in the Summer sun.

Do it Yourself Liquid “Chemical” Peels

Cleansing your face is obviously not a new trend but using do it yourself liquid peels is. While the terms “do it yourself” and “chemical” may not seem like the best combination, these products aren’t all that different from your regular exfoliator. In fact, they’re usually higher strength exfoliators than the one you currently have in your skincare line up. These “chemical” peels work by ridding the skin of dull, dead cells and causing the skin’s top dermal layers to peel off, revealing “brand new” skin that feels soft and supple and looks much brighter. Additionally, these DIY liquid peels can help treat hyperpigmentation, fight acne, unclog pores, reduce the depth of acne scaring and wrinkles, and enhance the absorption of other skincare products.

GLOWBIOTICS New Probiotic Clarifying Home Peel is different in that it is lipid based, and since our skin cells love lipids (fats), the active ingredients are able to penetrate much deeper than conventional chemical peels without disrupting the microbiome of the stratum corneum. This means less irritation, with better results. Another benefit of a lipid based peel is that without water, there’s no need for preservatives, resulting in a cleaner ingredient list!

Retinol Products

While retinol is most commonly known for its anti-aging properties the retinoid can also be used to treat acne, which makes retinol products great for those who’ve developed some stubborn acne over the course of the Summer. It really isn’t all that uncommon to have a few acne breakouts over the Summer months because certain skincare and beauty products that feel heavy and stick to your skin can clog pores which, mixed with sweat, can cause acne. In addition to fighting acne and unclogging pores, retinol products like our Retinol Anti-Aging + Brightening Treatment will also help other skincare products work better, penetrating deeper into the skin to produce better results.

For veteran retinol users, try a heavier retinol content product like our Advanced Retinol Renewal Treatment. It contains .3% Retinol with a .1% GDR booster which enhances the performance and stability of the Retinol.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

While moisturizing is important in the warmer months, it becomes much more important as the weather gets colder and the air gets drier in the Fall. Constant exposure to these conditions puts your skin at a heightened risk of becoming dry, cracked, irritated, and red and leaves it craving moisture any way it can get it. That means drinking plenty of water and using a richer moisturizer like our Probiotic Moisture Rich Replenishing Cream that’ll give you a hydrated, smooth, and calm appearance all throughout the Fall. It also contains SYN®-COLL, a peptide that works to retrain the body’s own mechanism to produce its own collagen. You could also reach for our Probiotic Ultra Rich Brightening Cream to give your skin that added boost of moisture it needs this time of year. It’s packed with probiotics, antioxidants and brightening ingredients to improve the clarity and luminosity of dull skin.


You may have been exfoliating already but if not, Fall is an ideal time to start. Why? – If you allow dead skin cells and other dirt and debris to stay on your skin’s surface without cleansing it then your skin can’t absorb skincare products as well as it should be. Moisturizing is so important this time of year so you want to ensure that nothing you can prevent gets in the way of giving your skin the moisture it desperately needs. Exfoliating may seem a bit unnecessarily harsh on your skin, but it’s a vital part of any Fall skincare. Moisturizing products that contain chemical exfoliants like our Probiotic Clarifying Lotion or Probiotic Brightening Renewal Lotion will provide AHAs to gently exfoliate the skin while brightening and hydrating. Or, opt for a our Probiotic Instant Resurfacing Pads that contain Azelaic Acid to remove dead skin, dirt and impurities, instantly revealing more radiant looking skin.

Order These Amazing Glowbiotics Products and More to Look and Feel Your Best!

Now that Fall is here, it’s time to stock up on the skincare essentials you need to keep skin healthy, happy, and hydrated throughout the season and there’s no better place than GLOWBIOTICS to do so. When you get these essentials with us, you’re getting products that are not just clean, safe, effective and 100% free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, artificial dyes, and hormone inhibitors. Shop our selection of products today and get what you need for the Fall!

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