Holiday Skincare Regiment and Winter Skincare Tips

Holiday Skincare Regiment and Winter Skincare Tips

The holidays can be the most stressful time of the year, especially this year as we struggle with wanting to make holiday plans with extended family and friends but not sure whether it’s safe, the quandary of should we travel or should we stay home?  But did you know all this stress can do a number on your skin?  Between holiday stress, food, and crazy travel schedules, maintaining healthy skin can be a challenge. However, sticking to your holiday skincare regimen can help ease those holiday skin problems in easy ways that can surprise you. Here are a few simple tips to keep you on the path to healthy holiday skin. 

Holiday Skincare Regiment and Winter Skincare Tips

Tip #1: Use Multi-Functional Products

Having a cold weather skincare routine with many steps can be discouraging and it can make you want to skip it altogether, especially after a long day of holiday shopping, cooking, or celebrating. You do not need a 10-step skincare regimen for healthy skin, the latest trend to look for are “multi-functional” products or products that provide multiple benefits to your skin in 1 formulation. For example, Glowbiotics offers a collection of serums that contain several effective ingredients, such as retinol, with Vitamin C and peptides, a great combination for anti-aging as well as pigmentation issues.

Tip #2: Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can deprive your skin the chance to repair itself. Between food prep and party hosting, getting a good night’s sleep around the holidays can be quite the challenge. Because our brains use the lymphatic system to flush out neurotoxins, they can build up causing everything from unhealthy skin conditions to illness in the body if these toxins are not able to flush through our systems on a regular basis. 

In addition, our brains produce body-repairing hormones when we sleep, such as growth hormones, which are necessary for tissue repair and cell regeneration, as well as myelin, the sheath that surrounds and insulates the nerves. By continually getting fewer than 8 hours of sleep, this causes an elevation of cortisol, putting your body in a constant state of stress. As the body’s largest organ, skin is usually where the first signs of damage appear. The holiday season can be rough on your skin, but continually reinforcing healthy amounts of sleep and daily holiday skincare regimens, you can help your skin get to the new year.

Holiday Skincare Regiment and Winter Skincare Tips

Tip #3: Avoid the Dreaded but Beloved Sugar

During the holiday season, one of the most difficult things to avoid is starches and sugar. Starchy foods (i.e. carbs) convert into sugars in the body, the sugar in your bloodstream then attaches to proteins to produce harmful free radicals called advanced glycation and unfortunately, the more sugar you eat, the more damage can be done. These sugar by-products do two things. First, they stop your cells from functioning properly, and then they create free radicals, which can further damage your cells. As a result, the molecules in your skin that keep your complexion looking tight and young, such as collagen and elastin are lost. Help reinforce these molecules with Glowbiotics treatments and serums. If you love sugar and can’t commit to the diet on the most delicious time of year, our amazing collection of serums are the best addition to your holiday skincare regimen that can help keep you skin intact.

Tip #4: Do Not Forget to Cleanse

While upping your makeup game for your back-to-back holiday soirees may not cause breakouts, forgetting to remove it before bed can clog your pores and make your skin a breeding ground for bacteria. If you do not have a good cleansing option to add to your cold weather skincare routine, check out our probiotic cleaners! When you come home late from parties and just want to crawl into bed, remember your skin. A suggestion is to put your cleansing products out on the bathroom counter before you leave for your holiday celebration. Simple changes like this will reinforce the need to cleanse your skin. The products will be sitting there waiting for you when you come home for an easy way to remind yourself. Another option would be to set an alarm on your phone to remind you to cleanse your skin before bed. Whatever you choose to do to remind yourself, it will be worth it. Going to bed with your makeup on will not only cause congestion in your pores but it can contribute to premature signs of aging.  

Holiday Skincare Regiment and Winter Skincare Tips

For more Winter skincare tips and ideas of how to gift Glowbiotics Skincare to someone you love, buy our amazing Holiday Gift Guide. If you need to find your best options for healthy, balanced skin, we are here to help. Take our skin quiz to learn more about what type of skin you have and the best cold weather skincare products you need.

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