Men’s Dry Skin Products

Men’s Dry Skin Products

 Men's Winter Skincare Tips

Harsh winds, brutally cold temperatures and indoor heat are all factors of winter that can spell disaster for your skin. Because winter is upon us, there’s no turning back now. But what you can do is make sure your skin is equipped to fight back against the elements with the proper winter skin-care routine. But where does one begin? Keep reading to see our men’s Winter skincare favorites and what you can do to have healthy skin all season.


The first step in revamping men’s skincare routines for winter is a gentle cleanser. Less heat means less sweat, so go for a not-so aggressive cleanser such as GLOWBIOITICS Revitalizing Cleanser gently cuts dirt and oil but also has anti-inflammatory ingredients to combat irritation.


Put away the scrubs; when you shave, you exfoliate but if you still feel your skin is dry and could use a pick-me-up, seek out a professional for a chemical exfoliation.  Winter is the perfect time for a peel, don’t be scared, there will be no Samantha from Sex and the City type of peels from GLOWBIOITICS.  Our professional treatments use gentle ingredients to help increase cell turn over without irritation. To locate a GLOWBIOITCS professional check our Find a GLOWBIOTICS Professional on our website.

Men’s Dry Skin Products

Treatment Serums

Men’s dry skin needs special comfort from their daily shaving routine.  If your skin feels sensitive, shows signs of redness and irritation after shaving, winter may make your skin feel even worse.  Men’s dry skin needs something to cool, soothe and relax the skin post running that razor over your skin.  Check out GLOWBIOTICS Calming Restorative Treatment. This hydrating serum is formulated to sooth dryness, reduce itching and redness and calm skin.  


Moisture, moisture, moisture, that’s what winter’s all about. A richer moisturizer is key to keeping dry skin away and oil at bay. That’s right, moisturizer will help balance oil production and leave your skin feeling hydrated in the cold winter months.  Look for one with beneficial ingredients that target your other skin needs as well, for example: Probiotics for balancing and anti-inflammatory benefits, Shea Butter for hydration, Peptides for anti-aging and even brightening ingredients to even your skin tone.  We suggest our men’s dry skin cream, the GLOWBIOITCS Ultra Rich Brightening Cream.

A few changes to your daily routine can make all the difference when trying to combat weathered skin from the cold temps and dry air.  Just remember, hydration is a man’s best friend, inside and out!

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