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Women and Mental Illness: Creating a Future That Is Bright

Women and Mental Illness: Creating a Future That Is Bright

A great deal of Americas, many of them women, live with mental illness like depression or bipolar disorder. That's a heavy burden to carry.

Glowbiotics is committed to creating a future that is bright and happy. We believe that begins with our own body, family and community. We weren't just founded as a skin movement, but a global movement that advances and advocates for women's health.

Women and Mental Illness: Creating a Future That Is Bright

Why Focus on Women?

So many factors like genetics and environment come into play when it comes to mental health, and there are several challenges that affect both women and men, but women seem to be disproportionately affected. Hormonal factors have a strong influence on women's mental health. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and bipolarity, to name a few are found more predominantly in women.

Nearly one in four women in the United States reports feeling worried, nervous, or anxious on a daily or weekly basis. It gets worse. Issues like depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and financial stress seem to affect women more than men. One in eight women can expect to develop clinical depression during their lifetime, but fewer than 50% actually seek help, mainly because they are worried about the stigma involved with the term: mental illness.

According to Wikipedia, social stigma is the disapproval of, or discrimination against, a person based on perceivable social characteristics that serve to distinguish them from other members of a society. Social stigmas are commonly related to culture, gender, race and health. Because of this, there remains a large barrier for individuals, particularly women, to seek diagnosis and care for mental illness. While 57% of adults believe that people are caring and sympathetic to persons with mental illness, only 25% of adults with mental health symptoms hold the same belief.

Women and Mental Illness: Creating a Future That Is Bright

Bringing Change to Mind

After her sister was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and her nephew with schizoaffective disorder, actress Glenn Close co-founded Bring Change to Mind in 2010. It's a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to encouraging dialogue about mental health, and to raising awareness, understanding, and empathy.

Their goal is to not only raise awareness around mental health, but to open up channels of communication in order to reverse the stigmas associated with mental health issues. Their core principles say it all:

Start the Conversation

Opening a dialogue about mental illness builds the awareness, understanding, and empathy necessary to inspire the action, structural change, and the creation of new norms which end stigma and discrimination.

Amplify Voices

Our role is to give a voice to others, as their experiences and stories can transform feelings of isolation and despair into feelings of community and hope. These stories will open hearts and minds and change fear and stigma toward people living with mental illness into compassion and support for their journey ahead.

Be an Ally

We are a trusted ally in the conversation about mental illness and openly collaborate with other mental health professionals, academics, resources, and advocates to grow this consequential movement.

Empower the Future

The foundation of broad awareness will be built by deeply engaged change agents, such as young people touched by mental illness and motivated to improve the lives of others.

Support Science

Science and evidence-based action is essential to achieving our mission. Therefore, we ground our work in the latest research, which we evaluate for effectiveness then share with confidence.

Fight For Human Rights

Our work is about saving lives, reducing suffering, and ensuring that people living with a mental illness are able to pursue their human potential with dignity, full civil rights, appropriate healthcare, and unbridled access to life's opportunities.

Women and Mental Illness: Creating a Future That Is Bright

Creating a Bright Future

It's our commitment to empower women to seek health and happiness in their lives and in their communities. Almost everything we do is towards that goal; from providing quality skincare products free of any harmful ingredients, to distributing those same products to cancer patients; from supporting causes like Bring Change to Mind, donating time, money, and additional resources to women in need.

Our commitment to creating a future that is bright, healthy, and happy begins here, with us. We strive to be the change we wish to see in others. We motivate each other and empower our employees to share their time, love, and energy with causes like Bring Change to Mind. Aligning with such an inspirational cause allows us to help change stigmas surrounding mental illness and pave a clearer path from illness to wellness. We donate one percent of all sales to mental health charities because we not only want to help people to look good, but also feel good from the inside out.

We know that feeling good about yourself needs to start somewhere, so that confidence and happiness can radiate from within. Our mission is to help all women feel good about what they put on their skin. When you feel good on the inside, you will glow. And that leads to a bright future.

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