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Because treating dehydration begins from the inside out, one of the natural actions of topical probiotics is to balance hydration levels of the skin from within, rather than just on the skin’s surface. Using GLOWBIOTICS Probiotic Skincare in your daily routine gives you an advantage when these skin conditions arise. Along with our topical probiotics, we use active, targeted ingredients proven to help replenish and prevent future dehydrated skin. Learn More

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Though most cases of dry skin (xerosis) are caused by environmental exposures, certain diseases also can significantly alter the function and appearance of your skin. Potential causes of dry skin include weather, air conditioning and central heaters, harsh detergents, sun exposure, and conditions such as atopic dermatitis and hypothyroidism. When left untreated, skin can become irritated, inflamed and itchy – properly termed eczema. Your physician can evaluate your dryness and recommend a treatment plan.

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