The Science Behind Healthy, Glowing Skin

GLOWBIOTICS Science of Topical Probiotics

Glowbiotics Break Down Rebuild

Probiotic technology bypasses the old skincare technologies associated with injury, chronic inflammation and a damaged epidermis. GLOWBIOTICS technology brings revolutionary advanced topical probiotic technology optimized with the latest anti-aging lipo-oligopeptides and unsurpassed retinoid delivery resulting in healthier, dramatically younger-looking skin. Backed by clinical studies, GLOWBIOTICS products are proven to enhance specific youthful processes within the skin while bypassing chronic inflammation. Our proprietary topical probiotic bioactives are shown to mimic a wound-healing response without the typical insult or injury – now considered a key contributor to cellular degradation. Maintaining epidermal integrity is the primary factor in the health and the appearance of the skin.

Break Down

Other skincare technologies can BREAK DOWN the skin:

  • Excessive stress, over-exfoliation and harsh ingredients deplete skin’s immunity and weaken cellular communication
  • Impaired barrier function increases risk of UV damage, inflammation, sensitivity and dryness
  • Continued damage results in thinner, dehydrated skin with less collagen production
Build Up

Probiotics RE-BUILD
the skin:

  • Probiotic bioactives boost skin’s natural repair response and optimize healthy collagen production
  • Skin’s protective barrier is left intact to allow proper environmental defense
  • Long-term results are maximized due to minimal stress and inflammation
  • Skin is healthier from the bottom-up with fewer fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and age spots