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Beneficial "Bugs" In Your Skincare?!

Beneficial "Bugs" In Your Skincare?!

We all have different reasons for seeking out certain skin care products. Perhaps you learned there were harmful ingredients in the cleanser you've been using since college. Maybe you no longer need your high school acne regimen. Could be your skin has ousted with a new, annoying malady and you're looking for the one product that can really make a difference and save the day (aka next week's date night).

Whatever your reasons, you're researching how best to treat your skin with its unique concerns and you've heard about using topical probiotics in your skin care, but you're just not sure the idea is truly viable, or just creepy snake oil.

We're here to tell you that the "beauty bug" really is a thing of beauty!

What Are Probiotics?

You've probably heard of probiotics, and that they're mysteriously beneficial to your health, but not many people have a grasp as to how or why. Here's the down and dirty quicky lesson.

Your gut is home to populations of bacteria; over 100 trillion make up the gut flora. Some may refer to them simply as "bugs." These bugs are not only beneficial, but necessary for your gut to function properly and healthily. This gut flora helps your body digest the foods you eat, absorb the nutrients from those foods, and a myriad of other things like destroy the harmful bacteria that show up.

Beneficial "Bugs" In Your Skincare?!

These bugs are good for you, but many factors can negatively affect them. Things like diet, lifestyle and other environmental factors can play a part. When things get out of whack, harmful bacteria overpopulate, elbowing out the good bacteria. Probiotics are good bacteria that you ingest purposefully to repopulate the good. Foods that include fermented products like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and yogurt are full of both a wide variety of healthy good bugs, and prebiotics, which are foods with natural sugars and nutrients that feed the good bacteria like bananas, garlic, and onions.

Beneficial "Bugs" In Your Skincare?!

What Do Probiotics Have to Do With Your Skin?

Ahhh, here's where we come to the crux of the story. The internal balance of your gut flora, can affect the health of your skin.

There are also "bugs" (aka, bacteria) that reside on your face as well, both good and bad. For one reason or another, whether that be infection, poor diet, chronic inflammation, or other reasons, the microflora on your face can be out of balance, too. This balance is carefully maintained; influenced by pH, sebum content, barrier function, and hydration (source). This can lead to all sorts of problems from acne to rosacea and eczema.

"Breathtaking science is emerging showing how the gut, brain, and skin are connected with microbiome, which support our health and share a mutually beneficial relationship with our bodies," explains Dr. Whitney Bowe, NYC Dermatologist and author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin. That natural ecosystem of bacteria on our skin has a very important protective role. With our obsession to overclean as we do these days, the skin's ecosystem is often damaged, resulting in dry, stressed, and sensitive skin.

Beneficial "Bugs" In Your Skincare?!

What Can Probiotics Do For Your Skin?

Similar to how foods rich in probiotics can help to prevent and treat stomach problems, topical versions can be known for their calming effects on the skin. Thanks to this cutting edge science, there is a whole arsenal of topical beauty products like cleansers, serums, and moisturizers packed with these beauty bugs that have the ability to soothe inflammation and strengthen the skin's barrier, even calming acne. That's because the bacterial cells interact with receptors to modulate the immune response, helping to soothe inflammation in the skin. They can act as a protective shield to strengthen the skin's ability to repair itself. Probiotics can also help to optimize the skin's functionality in developing collagen and elastin. These beauty bugs can help to rebuild a healthy ecosystem, transforming your skin into the glowing beauty you're supposed to be.

Balance that with a skin care lineup that also has beauty-focused results. Glowbiotics focuses on reducing the skin's inflammation and rebalancing the skin's ability to heal by utilizing these healthy strains of bacteria. Glowbiotics uses cutting edge technology to bring you Probiotic Derived Bioactives (PDBs). They're fragments of healthy non-living probiotics instead of the whole, live organism. They're the parts of the bacteria plus enzymes and chemicals they produce, and can be incorporated into your skin care safely and easily without the fuss of needing to be refrigerated.

Not only do these highly effective products contain PDBs, but they're also full of other inflammation inhibiting technologies specifically designed to avoid bad inflammation and leverage good inflammation. They can address and improve common concerns like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, hormonal breakouts, dry skin, sensitive skin, and more.

What all can Glowbiotics do for your skin?

  • Reverse the signs of aging
  • Clarify mild to severe acne-prone skin
  • Hydrate for softer, tighter skin
  • Balance the good versus bad bacteria on the skin
  • Reduce redness and inflammation

This skincare line combines the best delivery systems, packaging, safety, and accessibility . . . . all in one fabulous lineup. Not only do they offer the benefits of ingredients and formulations that specifically target the health of the skin, but they avoid using harsh chemicals and unhealthy ingredients; ingredients that can be common in anti-aging and skin health treatments. Glowbiotics' products have a clean profile, 100% free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial dyes, and any known cancer-causing ingredients. They're infused with a potent blend of probiotics, antioxidants, and nutrients that utilize unique technologies that deliver proven results.

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