How to Change Skincare Routine from Summer to Winter

How to Change Skincare Routine from Summer to Winter

While consistency in your skincare routine is key to maintaining healthy, happy skin, drastic changes in weather are grounds for a change. As the weather cools down and the air gets drier you need to adapt your skincare routine as the needs of your skin change along with the weather. After all, you change up your wardrobe when the seasons change so why wouldn’t you make some adjustments to your skincare routine?

In the Summer the weather is much more humid, and more sunlight reaches the planet’s surface because the Sun is higher in the sky, so there is more of an emphasis on SPF and lighter products that won’t feel heavy in the heat. The air becomes colder and drier in the Winter, the wind picks up, and the dry indoor heat all can have very harsh effects on the skin resulting in cracks, irritation, and even bleeding skin. So, what’s the best way to adapt your skincare regimen to the weather while still being as consistent as possible?

Summer Skincare

Sunscreen is a must year-round, but especially in the Summer. With the Sun being higher in the sky and the rays reaching more of the surface it’s important to keep skin protected from potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. You should always reach for a product with SPF 30 (can we link our spf here) or above and reapply every two to three hours to keep up the same level of protection all day.

Drinking water is always beneficial for your skin, but especially in the summertime because you lose a lot of moisture by sweating. Additionally, continual exposure to air conditioning can leave skin dry. Drinking water helps your skin stay moisturized and, assuming you’re drinking enough, your H2O intake will offset what you’re losing to sweat.

Even with more moisture in the air, hydration is a key part of skincare in the Summer. You’ll want to use light moisturizers, gels or serums like our Probiotic Gel Hydrator, that won’t feel heavy or stick to your skin in the heat but still do a good job of providing hydration.

The Summer heat will often contribute to clogged pores, ruin the delicate skin you work hard to maintain, and make skin look rather dull. Exfoliating – the process of removing dead skin cells from your skin – will remove the top layer of sweat and grime after a day in the sun so your skin can better absorb other products like moisturizers. Try something like our Probiotic Instant Resurfacing Pads with Azelaic Acid.

Vitamin C (like ours), and other antioxidants like it, are as much of a Summer essential as a good SPF. Why? – It helps protect your skin cells against radiation from the sun and other environmental stressors and pollution.

Winter Skincare

Since the Sun doesn’t stay out as long and the sky is often cloudy in the Winter, you may not think protecting your skin from it is all that important in the wintertime, but you’d be wrong. Even if you’re at a lesser risk of damage from harmful UV rays it’s still not a risk you should take. As previously mentioned, sunscreen is a year-round must. For added protection, try applying our Probiotic Anti-Pollution + Firming Treatment before the SPF. It creates a web-like matrix to protect the skin from harmful eco factors and damaging UV rays. It also contains firming ingredients that increases with each use!

Exposure to the cold, frosty, and typically dry air in the colder months not only leaves skin yearning for moisture but puts it at a heightened risk of becoming cracked, irritated, and red. In the wintertime you’ll want to reach for a richer formula like a cream – Something like our Probiotic Ultra Rich Brightening Cream, or Probiotic Moisture Rich Replenishing Cream. Also still be sure you’re drinking water!

You shouldn’t forget about keeping your lips moisturized either and because they don’t have any oil glands, they’re often the first parts of our bodies to succumb to dryness. To combat chapped lips, regularly apply a lip balm of your choice throughout the day. Our favorite hack is to apply the Anti-Aging Replenishing Oil to our lips before applying a lip balm. Or use it by itself!

While exfoliating may seem unnecessarily harsh on your skin in the Winter it’s actually very important. If you allow your dead skin cells to just sit on the surface of your skin then you’re reducing your skin’s absorption levels, meaning all the moisturizers you’re applying won’t be effective. Physical exfoliation with a brush can be damage to the stratum corneum, instead, opt for a chemical exfoliants that exfoliate from the inside, like Retinols or AHAs in products like our Probiotic Clarifying Lotion.

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