Products to Help Combat Adult Acne

Products to Help Combat Adult Acne

Acne At Age 30 and Beyond

Acne is a common condition that affects teens and young adults. Sometimes, the problem may continue or even start well into adulthood. This is known as adult acne. Although adult acne can affect both men and women, far more women suffer from adult acne, though men tend to have more severe cases of it.

The obvious question is, why are you still getting acne in your 30s, 40’s and 50’s?  While researchers are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause of acne, they have uncovered a few factors that contribute to the condition in adults.

The first contributing factor, hormones.   Just as in your teens, hormones, especially among women who experience fluctuations throughout their reproductive years. As well, for women or men who are taking hormones for contraception or as part of hormone replacement therapy, acne can be one of the side effects.  As hormone depletion occurs, as we age, this fluctuation also contributes to breakouts and underlying skin concerns.

Interestingly, the second factor may be stress.  Stress appears to be associated with acne, and for people in their 30s and beyond, there’s ample stress to be had. Between building careers and families, it’s a busy time and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, which leads to stress.

Third, genetics also play a key role in whether you develop acne, so if your immediate relatives have struggled with bad acne, the odds are that you will, too, even as an adult.

Additional Acne Contributing Factors

Other contributors to acne include certain medications, as well as underlying medical conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, which leads to increased androgens in women.

Skin and hair products may also contribute to breakouts. Not all skin care products are created equal. Read the labels and look for words like oil-free, non-comedogenic, or non-acnegenic. These terms mean the products won’t clog pores or stimulate excess oil production. Make sure your face wash, moisturizer and sun block contain these phrases. 

It is common for some women to experience acne in their 30s, 40s and 50s for the first time — having never had it during their teens. This is referred to as adult-onset acne.

If you are suddenly experiencing acne, look for a pattern:

  • Do you have breakouts around your period?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Did you recently start or stop taking birth control pills?
  • Are you approaching menopause?
  • Do you have underlying health issues that are hormone related?
Products to Help Combat Adult Acne

Can Adult Acne Be Fixed?

When your hormones are out of balance, it's often difficult to keep your skin in balance.

Usually OTC (over the counter) products don't work. The standard for most acne products, is to dry the skin out, and, causing it to respond with even more oil, actually making the acne worse. GLOWBIOTICS can address this specific kind of acne by infusing the skin with healthy probiotics, the proper moisture content, and powerful multi-function ingredients that rebalance the skin and help reduce the deeper acne lesions. Probiotic skin care can work to even out the skin microbiome by reintroducing beneficial bacteria, which compete with P. acnes and other inflammatory microbes on the skin, alleviating infection and inflammation.

Keep your skincare routine simple but be sure the products contain beneficial ingredients, such a probiotics to help balance. Below are some skin-healthful recommendations:

  • Cleanse twice a day, before bed and in the morning – try GLOWBIOTICS Revitalizing Cleanser. Gentle cleansing with balancing probiotics. 
  • Treat the area of breakout with a gentle exfoliating solution – try GLOWBIOTICS Instant Resurfacing Pads. They will brighten skin discoloration left by blemishes as well as help control oil production.
  • In the morning use our Calming Restorative Treatment. A gentle anti-inflammatory serum that will calm, soothe, and hydrate skin.  It also helps to reduce skin imperfections.
  • At night spot treat blemishes 2 or 3 times per week with the GLOWBIOITCS Acne Clarifying + Refining Treatment to clear areas of acne.
  • Moisturize skin both morning and night with the GLOWBIOTICS Gentle Calming Lotion. Lightweight hydration, soothing ingredients, and balancing probiotics.
  • Final Step – SPF EVERYDAY!!!! This may be the most important step in any skincare regimen.  Protect and prevent signs of aging, damage to skin and uneven skin tone.

Healthy Skin from the Inside Out

Also look at your diet. Eat foods rich in probiotics or take a probiotic supplement to rebalance the beneficial microbes in the gut, which therefore help balance the skin. Probiotics will also ramp up your body's first line of defense against anything harmful. Gut health can help to train the rest of your body to handle infection. Probiotics work by helping your gut ease the inflammation that can trigger a host of skin problems, including acne. Probiotics can reduce levels of the hormones that drive acne, help your body absorb skin-essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, reduce the effect of chronic stress, and regulate glycemic levels that also contribute to breakouts.

For more information on Probiotics and skin health, check out our full collection of products or talk to a member of our staff here

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