The Science Behind Healthy, Glowing Skin


Topical Probiotics - Probiotics for Skin Care & Age Reversal

Topical Probiotics: Balance and Beauty from the Inside Out

We want to make the idea of using topical probiotics as digestible as possible. Our technology and formulations may sound perplexing, but the theory behind our skincare solutions is actually quite simple. As we all know, probiotics are known to improve the health of your gut and digestive system. The same theory applies when you use probiotics topically on the skin. Powered by clinically validated probiotic technology, each of our GLOWBIOTICS products promotes the health and vitality of the skin for a complexion that looks and acts like its younger self. Our prebiotic and probiotic ingredients fuse together to promote the natural balance of the skin flora, supplying the same anti-inflammatory and anti-aging essentials to your skin that are known to help improve your overall health. The end result is healthy, balanced, and beautiful looking skin from the inside out.


Non-pathological and non-living probiotic metabolites derived from beneficial probiotic bacteria strains, including Lactococcus Lactis, designed to enhance skin’s innate repair and renew responses.


  • REVERSE the signs of aging
  • REDUCE the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • DETOXIFY skin
  • REHYDRATE skin for a softer, smoother texture
  • PROVIDE powerful antioxidant activity
  • INCREASE the appearance of a healthy, rosy glow

At GLOWBIOTICS our number one priority in skin health is to reduce chronic skin conditions as much as possible. This includes premature aging, hypersensitivity, dullness, etc. Our probiotic technology, produced when body friendly bacteria is put through fermentation, has a therapeutic effect on the skin when applied topically by helping to rebuild the health of the skin from the inside out. Probiotics can help enhance the function of the skin while also optimizing collagen and elastin levels. Beneficial on all skin types, probiotics have proven themselves to be a powerful tool to achieve healthy, balanced and glowing skin for life.


Prebiotics are the partner technology for probiotic skincare. They help to increase the growth and activity of the skin’s beneficial microflora. These vital, topical carbohydrates enhance the health of the skin and its probiotic activity, contributing to a more resilient and youthful-looking complexion. Prebiotics work synergistically with the PDBs to augment the health of the skin.

How Is Our probiotic technology different?

GLOWBIOTICS products contain a range of ingredients and formulations that specifically target common skin concerns and promote the health of the skin while avoiding the utilization of harsh chemicals and unhealthy ingredients that are often included in anti-aging and skin health products/treatments. Our products have a clean profile and are infused with a potent blend of probiotics, antioxidants and nutrients that utilize unique delivery systems and specific technologies that deliver proven results.


GLOWBIOTICS skincare exists to bridge a deeper connection between you, your skin and your health for profoundly beautiful results. Think of your skin and body as one miraculous system that works together to protect your health and preserve your natural beauty. Skin is your second largest immune organ and often becomes problematic due to the negative effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices, hormone imbalance, prolonged stress, chronic health issues and age. As the pioneer of medical grade probiotic skincare, GLOWBIOTICS has created an entire range of unique skincare formulas and complexes that can be integrated into any skincare routine to specifically address and improve an array of skin concerns and conditions. GLOWBIOTICS works synergistically with the skin to give results-driven performance and efficacy, all while respecting skin integrity. Our formulas harness the power of probiotics, working in concert with targeted bioactives to support younger-looking skin while bypassing injury. Similar to internal probiotics, studies show that topical probiotics can help rebalance and strengthen the skin while re-awakening youthful processes within the body that slow with age.

With scientifically validated clinical testing, GLOWBIOTICS products are infused with rejuvenating probiotics, prebiotics, strengthening botanicals and proprietary delivery systems. The science behind our probiotic formulations is proven to quickly restore balance, youth and radiance and give all skin types the ability to glow from the inside out.